The result was a solution that is highly sustainable and does not pollute the environment. Manfred Singer designed an avalanche trigger that works purely mechanically. In concrete terms, this means:

  • Safe and silent triggering by remote control
  • No risk of injury from detonating agents
  • Sustainability, as no blasting agent residues are produced
  • Low operating costs and low maintenance costs
  • The tank is filled or the containers replaced from the helicopter
  • Snow depth measurement before and after triggering the avalanche release
  • Automatic system check of functional readiness
  • No boom, no frightened wild and domestic animals

controlled avalanche triggering

How does it work?

SATS is mounted stationary in the terrain and can be operated by remote control in any snow situation: a hydraulic lifting device triggers a safe snowslide/avalanche.

SATS can be set up on any slope or incline. The technology proves to be an ideal solution especially for slopes that are difficult to access and prone to avalanches.

The specially developed lifting device comprises a lifting cylinder, which is included in a lifting/metal plate with a substructure made of shaped tubes. Lifting this jig creates an artificial snow break. In order to be able to guarantee triggering even at low snow heights, this design has a low maximum height. The lifting cylinder is extended by remote control. To avoid malfunction of the lifting plate, the hinges of the plate with substructure are directed uphill to prevent snow collapse when lifting the plate.

On top of that, steel cables with spring pre-tensioning are mounted on the left and right side of the plate, which are located close to the ground when not in use and trigger a trailing edge on the left and right side of the lifting device when the plate is lifted.

The liquid or air reservoir causes the lifting cylinder to extend about 10 - 15 cm in a flash, triggering a "pulsation" from below to the snow surface. In other words, triggering from below can be ensured at any snow depth.


Innovation with added value

Following the installation on loose terrain as well as solid ground, the technology requires little to no maintenance in the winter. Depending on usage, the water-menthol can be completely replaced or filled. The service fluids tank can be filled in a single helicopter flight. Alternatively, it can be accessed for filling with a ski-slope grooming machine or even touring skis. On balance, depending on its operation and use, the system compares favorably with other methods of controlled avalanche release.

Thanks to the lifting power, SATS is effective on any type of snow buildup. For wider avalanche slopes, single or multiple triggers can be operated simultaneously. In addition, several systems can be programmed in different contour lines with specific patterns (master + client).

Until now, avalanches were usually triggered by means of several helicopter flights and with explosives or gas mixtures. Using this blasting method, i.e. the application of forces from above, involves the risk of snow compaction. As such, no further deliberate triggering of the avalanche, which is nevertheless necessary, can follow. SATS is already anchored on site and can be used at any time for a controlled avalanche release.

The goal is optimal avalanche protection while focusing on the environment and nature. SATS operates sustainably based on the use of high quality materials, one-time installation and minimal maintenance work. On top of that, it eliminates helicopter flights and noisy blasting. The avalanche is triggered controlled, smoothly and quietly.

Singer Alpine Technologies

Manfred Singer
Olympiastrasse 6/3
6094 Axams


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