Our patent

Our patent was granted by the Austrian Patent Office in March 2022.

Advantages of SATS:

  • Quiet and almost unlimited triggering
  • Low operating costs, low maintenance costs
  • No risk of injury from detonating agents
  • Sustainability, as no blasting agent residues are produced
  • Reliable triggering through remote control
  • The tank is filled or the containers replaced from the helicopter
  • Snow depth measurement before and after triggering the avalanche release
  • Automatic system check of functional readiness
Technical data
  • Electrical supply through fuel generator and accumulators, and alternatively solar and wind energy (combination of several methods possible)
  • Remote control or via smartphone app
  • Temperature range to -40 °C
  • Electronic monitoring of accumulators (state of battery charge)
  • Fluid levels and temperature monitoring
  • Substructure made of steel construction
  • Additional installation option without lifting plate, only steel cables for cutting the snow cover
  • Lifting plate
  • 1 or more lifting cylinders (hydraulic, pneumatic or electric)
  • Hydraulic pump with 380 V power supply from generator as well as other voltages and currents plus three-phase and direct current
  • Hydraulic or pneumatic lines with valves
  • Heating panels in the feed box with double control provide a temperature lower limit of
    +5 °C, above which it is switched off (constant temperature for electrical system and electronics)
  • Radio or GPRS module
  • Valves for hydraulics or pneumatics
  • Hydraulic oil (biological)
  • Alarm when touched in idle mode
  • Vandal protection or integrated anti-theft module
  • Lightning protection module against overvoltage
External structure
  • Sheet metal container
  • Remote control receiver and heating elements for electronics
  • Hydraulic tank with pump
  • Webcam

The anchors are drilled and set in the bare rock and in loose ground with the help of a template. Thanks to the exact preliminary work, helicopter flights are reduced and no concrete is used. The transmission mast is secured by tension ropes.

Singer Alpine Technologies

Manfred Singer
Industriegelände Zone B7 Top 1
6166 Fulpmes


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